Axxicon is specialized in ultra-precision machining parts in with optical requirements. Competences We use our high speed micro milling, diamond machining, lapping, (manual) polishing and cleaning competences to achieve high quality optical grades.

  • High speed milling
  • Manual polishing
  • Lapping
  • Polishing

Case studies:

  1. Manual polishing of mould inserts for heads-up displays: 5nm Ra roughness and 5 micron form accuracy on 120x250mm freeform mould inset.
  2. Optical prisms 45 degree made by high speed micro milling to a roughness of 100nm
  3. High speed micro milling of lens array in hardened steel: 15nm roughness Ra.
  4. Plano polishing of mirrors: 2nm Ra and flatness 1 lambda on 150x150mm area

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