Perfect roundness with tightest tolerances

High precision and tight tolerances are key for the frictionless movement of bearings. In an air bearing or fluid film bearing a thin film of pressurized gas or liquid takes away friction from two components. The roundness of the inner and the outer parts as well as the gap in between are essential for the function of this bearing.

Axxicon is specialized in ultra-precision machining of ultra-flat, parallel and round parts – competences needed in manufacturing of (air) bearings.

Bearing systems for linear and rotational movements are used in a wide range of applications, such as production and positioning machines, where the need for precision movements is crucial.

Case studies:

  • CNC cylindrical grinding grooved ball bearing parts to 1 micron tolerance in diameter and concentricity.
  • CNC cylindrical grinding of large series Optical Media mould parts to 3 micron tolerances.

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