The market demands accuracy, specific tolerances and a refinement of machine parts. Production lines run faster and faster and products get more and more complex.
Axxicon is able to produce precision components by turning, grinding, lapping and polishing in climate controlled production facilities. Polished surfaces from Axxicon can reach roughness values of less than 5nm. Such specific values are critical for optical quality.

Manufacturing high precision components and systems using the most state of art equipment in conditioned facilities to meet the highest quality standards and levels of precision.

Axxicon can manufacture high precision parts in various materials or finish your parts to tightest tolerances.

This can be for

  • flatness of parts,
  • polishing surfaces,
  • extreme tolerances in dimensions,
  • extreme roundness,
  • repeating production of high precision and tight tolerances

Our competent engineering team adapts quickly to your special request and makes sure communication lines are direct and turn around times are short.

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