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Highspeed Micromilling

At Axxicon, our milling department is specilized to achieve high precision with highspeed micro-milling that meets the exacting standards of our clients. We’ve created an optimal environment for our 3-axis CNC machines by placing them in a separate room with carefully controlled air and temperature. In addition, the highspeed machine is positioned on its own foundation, ensuring that we can mill in the most ideal conditions possible! This approach not only benefits the accuracy of our milling, but also ensures repeatable, consistent quality across different parts, such as inserts for microfluidic multi-cavity tools.

We are equipped with the finest tools and are able to mill down to just a few microns in hardened steel maintaining a roughness of 15nm Ra. These capabilities are perfect for creating microfluidic structures with exceptional precision and accuracy. Our team of experts knows which tools are needed to achieve the required specifications, which is why it’s crucial to involve us early in the design phase. By working with us early on, we can review your designs and determine whether they are suitable for the best milling conditions, or whether adjustments need to be made to ensure the highest quality results.

What is micromilling?

Micromilling is a precision machining process that involves the use of very small cutting tools to produce extremely precise features and geometries. The process involves removing material from material using a cutting tools, smaller than 1 millimeter in diameter, and involves the use of our high-precision CNC Yasda machine. Micro milling is often used in the manufacturing of small parts with intricate shapes, such as microfluidic devices, or freeform lenses. The precision and accuracy of micro milling make it an essential process in toolmaking for microfluidics, where small-scale, high-precision manufacturing is required.

Micromilling enables the production of complex microfluidic components with high precision and accuracy. The process allows for the creation of channels, valves, and other structures that are essential for the proper functioning of microfluidic devices. This precision is critical for ensuring reliable and accurate results in a range of applications, including medical diagnostics, drug discovery, and biotechnology research.


Having micromilling capabilities in-house at Axxicon offers significant advantages in terms of speed and efficiency. By having the capability to produce microfluidic components on-site, we can reduce lead times, improve quality control, and reduce costs associated with outsourcing. This also allows us for greater flexibility in terms of design iterations and modifications, enabling faster prototyping and product development.