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Precision for each step along the way

Axxicon uses the latest generation of ultra precision equipment in each step of the process. We are able to machine parts with the smallest features and tightest tolerances and validate it with our high end quality inspection equipment.


Micro milling

Micro milling is our precision machining process that involves the use of very small cutting tools to produce extremely precise features and geometries in materials, such as microfluidics.

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Lapping & Polishing

For optical features, mirrored surfaces and ultra flat surfaces, lapping and polishing is an essential process step. Axxicon is a specialist company in polishing plano, spherical and cylindrical surfaces. Axxicon’s operators use high end equipment to achieve roughness values in the range of a few nanometers and will have no scratches or traces of processing. 

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Axxicon is specialized in ultra-precision machining of ultra-flat, parallel and round parts. We have a climate controlled facility with CNC surface grinding and CNC cylindrical grinding machines beeing able to grind to 1 micron tolerance. 

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Diamond machining 

Diamond machining is in some cases inevetable to reach the best optical specifications. Therefor we have selected the best partners to help manufacturing specific parts were diamond machining is needed.

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LIGA (lithography + electroforming)

LIGA fabrication is used to create the smallest nano- and micro structures or sharp edges in our injection moulding tools. The posibilities are promosing, but it is also a long and complex process. 

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Metrology Inspection of the parts is carried out using the latest vision and touch probes for our CMM machines located in temperature controlled areas. The equipment is certified to NMI standards and can measure in sub-micron accuracy.

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