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The realisation of microfluidic consumables

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Microfluidic devices

Axxicon ensures to reach completion of your microfluidic technology quickly. Our machinery enables us state of the art precision. During injection moulding, using our cleanroom, infastructure is set to scale-up from low volumes all the way to ISO13485 validated commercial products.

From centrifugal to capilary flow, our engineers know what tooling aspects affects the function of the end product. Axxicon can predict in an early phase how feasible the design is and helps to verfy each function during the way to succes.

Design guidelines

Do you want to know if your design is realistic and according our standard? Or do you need some guidance along the way?

Use our Microfluidic design guidelines and you are good to go!


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Clean, Precise and Accurate Replication

In a world where miniaturization plays a more and more important role microfabrication is very important to realize state of the art testing consumables. With complex features, tight tolerance requirements and aiming at low prices it needs an expert company to manufacture these smart devices.

Miniaturization of analytical instruments is a major field of innovation within the life science industry. The common goal is to enable small and large scale, low cost production of microfluidic consumables.

Microfluidic features with various depths and widths can be produced using various mastering techniques like Lithography and micro milling. Micro architectures typically vary from 10um to 300um. Roughness of optical features can be as low as 2nm Ra.

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