Axxicon machines parts with the smallest features and tightest tolerances using the latest generation of equipment.

High Speed Milling

Axxicon machines ultra-precision parts with the smallest features and tightest tolerances you can imagine using the latest generation of equipment for high speed micro milling

Example case studies:

  1. HSM 100 micron deep features in hardened Stavax using Ø30 micrometer milling tools. This requires sub-micron positional accuracy and run-out on the spindle.
  2. HSM microfluidic mould inserts Ø150mm with max 2 micron deviation in 3-axis
  3. HSM Led optics lens array with 0,8mm ball end mill and roughness 15nm Ra
  4. HSM carbide steels with hardness 70HRC


Axxicon is specialized in ultra-precision machining of ultra-flat, parallel and round parts by grinding is climated controlled facilities:

  • Surface (CNC) grinding
  • Cyclindrical (CNC) grinding
  • Climated controlled facilities

Case studies:

  • CNC cylindrical grinding grooved ball bearing parts to 1 micron tolerance in diameter and concentricity.
  • CNC cylindrical grinding of large series Optical Media mould parts to 3 micron tolerances.


This process is used to achieve extreme flatnesses. The surfaces will have no scratches or traces of processing.


For optical features, mirrored surfaces and extra flat surfaces polishing is an essential process step. Axxicon is a specialist company in that field. Axxicon’s operators use high end equipment to achieve roughness values in the range of a few nanometers.

  • High Hardness mould inserts (tool steel)
    • Scratch resistant
  • Plano optics (< 150x150mm)
    • Flatness λ=1
    • Roughness 2nm Ra
  • Freeform optics
    • Form accuracy vs roughness
    • Roughness values up to 15nm Ra with high speed milling, no polishing
    • Manual polishing Roughness 5-10nm Ra

Case Study:

  • Manual polising of mould inserts for freeform Heads up display mirrors
  • Manual polishing of freeforms lens inserts for the lenses of a pair of adjustable spectacles
  • Mould insert for optical test specimen (AIM Tool)


Axxicon’s machine park is equipped with a turning / milling combination machine. This makes it possible to realize holes or vias in workpieces.


With milling it is possible to make simple prototypes in a very time efficient way.
Axxicon’s DMU 50 milling machine can create work pieces in various metals.


Metrology Inspection of the parts is carried out using the latest vision and touch probe CMM machines located in temperature controlled areas. The equipment is certified to NMI standards and can measure in sub-micron accuracy.

Tactile Metrology

  • Zeiss Prismo 2x
  • Mahr form tester
  • Mahr roughness tester
  • Psia Atomic Force Microscope

Optical metrology

  • Keyence 3D laser confocal microscope (2018)
  • Mahr digital microscope


Axxicon has the facilities and operators to  assemble the created parts.

Injection Moulding

Axxicon has all the necessary resources to carry out development projects from initial design through development phases and on to full scale production.

Axxicon has a number of moulding machines in the range of 30 – 120 tons of clamp force with take-out robots for controlled demoulding and cooling.

For customers with their own in-house moulding facilities, we are able to provide product, mould and process development as a turn-key solution not to affect their running production facilities.


  • Smart devices
  • Wearables
  • Medical
  • Micro needles