High-tech solutions
Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven B.V. produces injection moulds on an ultra precision level. But it is not just the mould we deliver. Our very own Development & Engineering department enables us to assist during the entire project, from R&D to servicing our products. Our Mould Technology Center offers in-house mould testing and complete process development.

We specialize in high-end injection moulds known for their accuracy, long lifetime and fast cycle times.

Ultra precision parts
The market demands accuracy, specific tolerances and a refinement of machine parts. Production lines run faster and faster and products get more and more complex.
Axxicon is able to produce precision components by turning, grinding, lapping and polishing in climate controlled production facilities. Polished surfaces from Axxcion can reach roughness values of less than 5nm. Such specific values are critical for optical quality.

Micro and nano structures
Axxicon initially started in the moulding of micro and nano structures by manufacturing the very first moulds for Philips by producing optical storage media in the early 1980’s.

Axxicon used this knowledge in the area of injection moulding of ultra-flat, high precision parts. The key component is the ability to center a shim or stamper in the mould with the required structure. Precision moulding and separating the substrate can only be achieved by perfectly aligning the mould halves. For this, Axxicon uses its patented spring centering element.

Our unique selling point is not only the replication of micro- and nano structures, but also our precise measurements. At our in-house laboratory we use an Atomic Force and Optical Microscope. The picture below shows the area-measurement of a part of a Recordable BluRay Disc substrate produced by an Axxicon mould.

Compression moulding
Axxicon has extensive knowledge of building compression moulds and setting up the required injection molding process. For example: a large, but thin substrate has an unfavourable length to thickness ratio. Plastic would flow into the mould but freeze in the cavity before reaching the end. A properly implemented injection compression molding process often turns out to be the right solution. Our process engineers understand how to manage birefringence, dishing and burrs.

Cooling systems
The need for high replication quality of micro and nano structures and also fast cycle times for the mass production of parts, is one of the key factors driving the development of Axxicon’s technologies in the area of cooling systems. We have experience in designing and making high performance cooling systems using vacuum brazing of various materials.

Tool lifespan
Faster cycle times and small tolerances between moving mould parts require understanding of heat treatment like hardening, annealing, vacuum brazing and surface treatments like coatings to meet customer lifetime expectances of the tool’s lifespan. Axxicon has several patents in this area.