• Standardised design
  • Unique system which ensure global comparison of material properties
  • In accordance with ISO specifications
  • Flexibility by quick-change: changing of product-forming inserts in seconds
  • Horizontal change of inserts and mirror plates for increased convenience
  • Highly flexible, with inserts for all standards available
  • Compatible with regular injection moulding machines
  • Extremely reliable
  • High level of support and service
  • Built-in temperature sensor and pressure sensors (optional) in mirror plate
  • Mould base and mirror plate/insert connected by quick-couplings for heating/cooling
  • Guiding pins and bushes for accurate alignment of fixed and moving half
  • Corrosion-resistant steel used for mould base, mirror plate and insert


  • AIM™ Rapid Prototyping
  • AIM™ Quick Change Mold - Sizes
AIMTM Rapid Prototyping AIMTM Quick Change insert for Rapid Prototyping of microfluidic chips Axxicon delivers standardised mould systems for the production of microfluidics. The word “microfluidics” is used to describe behavior of very small volumes of liquid flowing through very small channels ranging from tiny capillaries to 1mm “pipelines”. A blood flow in a human body is a good example. For microfluidics, the biomedical applications are the most challenging and exciting field. Point of care diagnostics and the analysis of water for presence of toxins are examples of the areas in which microfluidic product development is underway. The therefore special developed AIMTM Quick Change insert is very helpfull for rapid prototyping purposes. Contact Axxicon for more information about AIMTM Rapid Prototyping to prepare samples for microfluidic or polymer optic product development and testing.   Read More
The AIM Quick Change Mold is available in 3 sizes The 3 different sizes are called: Standard, XL and XXL. For all AIMsystems, the mould base hole pattern comes in Euromap, SPI or in a customer specific design. The insert design is vertical for XXL and horizontal for XL. The Standard is deliverable in horizontal as well vertical. The number of ejector pins are for Standard 14, XL 41 and for XXL 43. The ejector stroke for Standard is 9mm and 13mm for XL and XXL. The weight of the mould base is for Standard 85KG, XL 165KG and for XXL 200KG. Read More