Timely refurbishment will reduce degradation of the moldbases, mirrors and inserts and keep yield and up-time high. Axxicon’s Repair Services lets you benefit from extended life time of your critical AIM™ Tool products. After refurbishment, all inserts and mirror plates are fully function- and performance tested before shipment.

Before Refurbishment:

AIM Mirro rep pip

After Refurbishment:

AIM Mirror Rep

Axxicon also offers the possibility of preventive maintenance at customer site. This can be done on customer request or on scheduled-based contract. The maintenance operation which will be carried out will consist of an inspection including the resulting corrective maintenance on the moldbases, mirrors and inserts.

The subject equipment will be assessed for the functional requirements, as well as the degree of wear, pollution and operational safety. If necessary, the major wear parts will be replaced; the moldbase, mirrors and inserts will be functionally cleaned, greased and checked for functionality. Also, the alignment of the mould and nozzle will be checked and we will advise when realignment is needed. If necessary, the realignment will/can be executed.

If you are interested in preventive maintenance for your Axxicon equipment, we are just one phone call away: +31-499 494 458

If you would like to receive more information by e-mail, please contact our Service Engineer Wijnand Pijnakker, e-mail: w.pijnakker@axxicon.com