From concept through prototypes to mass production – Axxicon is your partner for polymer precision optical components


LENSES – Spherical, aspheric or freeform optical mould inserts are produced with diamond cutting or hand polishing.

Roughness’ as low as 5nm Ra are achieved.

Freeform shapes are measurements using a Zeiss Prismo coordinate measuring machine with Holos software.

Brilglas matrijs


DIFFUSORS – Diffusers are used to generate a homogeneous illumination.

To scatter light uniformly over a surface, The surface is micro patterned with a dot or grating structure.

Axxicon produces moulds for light guides for the display industry.



OLED – Advanced light extraction structured substrates for OLED backlight & lighting.

The current market objective is to design a low cost textured substrate with integrated light extraction for OLEDs.

Axxicon designed and produced moulds for the low cost replication of two-sided micro structured OLED substrates.

Light guide


DIFFRACTIVE OPTICAL STRUCTURES – A diffractive optical element (DOE) is an optical component with a micro- or nanostructured surface

which can modulate and transform light in a predetermined way.

Mould inserts are produced via a lithography – galvanic process. Structures are measured using an AFM.


Diffractive optical


Plano-Optics – Flat polished surfaces that reflect light.

Roughness’s as low a 2nm Ra with a flatness of 1λ . Various materials as hardened tool steel, glass and ceramics can be polished.

Plano optical mirrors are measured using a Interferometer.



Injection moulding – Injection compression moulding

processes are used to mould lenses and micro structured products to have a good replication,

low birefringence and low warpage.

Injection moulding