Optical Media Injections Moulds and excellent after-sales services

At Axxicon, we’re committed to achieving the best match between our moulds and your machines. We guarantee you trouble-free production, high yields and the lowest cost per unit.

Competitive production takes more than the right moulds alone. It also demands close customer support, a partnership to cut your time to market, maximum cost-effectiveness to maintain the highest quality every time.” Our combination of technical leadership and operational excellence guarantees you maximum yields, a trouble-free process and excellent disc properties ”.

Our technical leadership means your successful disc production. Our products and services are comprised of injection moulds, spare parts, repairs, exchange services, and after-sales services like mould and process training.

Axxicon recommends the use of original OEM spare parts. Our mould parts are designed and manufactured to perform in high precision tools. Axxicon understands that this is a very important consideration when replicating millions of discs which have an accuracy of less than 1 micron. Moreover our mould parts are designed to be completely interchangeable within that specific mould family. Axxicon has a wide range of spare parts available from stock and is able to manufacture almost all required spare parts in just a few weeks. Axxicon is always improving its production process in order to be able to offer you the best possible leadtimes and prices for your spare parts. Information about Axxicon, MoldPro or any other brand of spare parts is just a phone call away!

To keep your production process at peak performance and productivity Axxicon has Repair Service, which provides the benefit of extended life to your critical mould parts. After refurbishment, all parts are assembled in accordance with OEM guidelines, and are fully function- and performance tested before shipment. To have your part repaired, simply send us your request and specifications for the repair.

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Axxicon offers an extensive exchange part service for Axxicon and MoldPro parts. Our exchange parts are available from stock for immediate shipment. They are refurbished to equal-to-new- quality and will keep your production up and running again withour delay.

Key benefits of Axxicon Exchange Parts: 

Quality: Parts refurbished to original OEM-specifications

Secure: Function and performance-tested before shipment, with six-month warranty

Speed: Shipped immediately upon receipt of your (refurbishable) parts.

To have your part exchanged, simply send us your request and specifications for the exchange using our contact form. Your exchange part will be inspected on receipt and a replacement part will be shipped immediately on approval by our QA department. In return you part will become property of Axxicon. For further details and availability, please consult our customer service.

Axxicon’s injection moulds are perfectly matched to your line and custom designed for your specific moulding machine with moulding processes developed in our Disc Technology Center. We always provide the best solution for each disc format and each type of machine. We continuously improve our hardware and processes in a close-knit learning environment which enables us to supply moulds that meet the latest technical specifications and offer consistently outstanding results. Mould Series:

  • STX-Mould
  • SFX-Mould
  • Blu-Ray-Mould
  • Multi Format-Mould
  • ST-Mould
  • SF-Mould
  • S-Mould
  • Specials (80mm, Card, etc.)
  • MoldPro CD/DVD
  • MoldPro Blu-Ray

For more detailed information about our mould series, formats and cycle times, please contact our customer service. Axxicon injection moulds are customized for the following injection moulding machines:

  • TOYO
  • JSW