Kistler workshop at Axxicon

June 14 and 15 June 2016 Kistler (Mr. Patric Ziegler and Mr. Bas Dijkhuis) organised a workshop at Axxicon. The workshop was attended by mould engineers, mould makers and injection moulding machine operators from several Dutch companies.
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Eurostars success story – New instrument means no more waiting for blood test results!

At the least, the SPINIT instrument can make your average trip to the doctor more convenient.
But at the most, it could help prevent serious illness.
Developed by Biosurfit (Portugal) with assistance from Axxicon (Netherlands), this instrument allows doctors to run
quick blood tests on patients which until now, could only be done in hospital.



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Valeo shows strong interest for the capabilities of Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven BV

Recently Valeo has purchased the AIM™ (Axxicon ISO Manufactured) Quick Change Mould System. Tuesday May 31st 2016, Mr. Laurent Barre, PhD (Polymer Processing Engineer, Materials & Process Team) and member of the Visibility Systems Business Group, visited Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven BV to learn more about the extensive application opportunities (hybrid/overmoulding, injection compression etc.) of the AIM™ Quick Change Mould System and the capabilities of Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven BV. We thank Mr. Barre for visiting Axxicon.
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