Design for Manufacturing

The development of a successful microfluidic device starts with a good and reliable design, suitable for volume manufacturing and the shortest possible time to market. How? By combining the knowhow of the complete supply chain.

Our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists can co-develop with you and prototype your needs in short lead times. Our unique in-house combination of technologies, processes, and expertise provides short lead times and fast iteration cycles

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Moulded Microfluidic Products”



Our prototyping services enable you to easily and efficiently test your design according to it’s specifications. We can quickly provide you with polymer samples either made directly out of substrates, moulded in our own mould bases (standardised formats) to keep cost and lead times down or, for your validation, produced with dedicated tooling. We have the best solution for all your development phases.

Prototyping using injection (compression) moulding in the required polymer will reduce your time to market and costs because of a smooth transition from prototypes to small series and to high volume production.

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small series to high volume production


A critical step in microfluidic device manufacturing is sealing f.e. 10um deep microfluidic channels of an injection moulded part without causing and geometry changes bigger than 1 um. This is very challenging, especially when chemistry is on board prior to bonding and the cartridge is optically read using transmission.

Axxicon offers various solutions for the bonding of polymers microfluidic cartridges like UV glue bonding, thermal bonding, PSA film bonding and laser welding. It often involves development and fine tuning processes that are specific to our customers’ applications.

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