Microfluidic Consumables

Design, development and manufacturing of polymer microfluidic consumables

Axxicon is a leading supplier of polymer based consumables to the in vitro diagnostics (Point Of Care), life sciences and medical industries.

In a world where miniaturization plays a more and more important role Microfluidics is a very important tool to realize state of the art testing consumables. With complex features, tight tolerance requirements and aiming at low prices it needs an expert company to manufacture these smart devices.

Miniaturization of analytical instruments is a major field of innovation within the life science industry. The common goal is to enable small and large scale, low cost production of microfluidic consumables.

Microfluidic structures with various depths and widths can be produced using various mastering techniques like Lithography and micro milling. Micro architectures  typically vary from 10um to 300um. Roughness of optical features can be as low as 5nm Ra.

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