Freeform Optics

Tool Making

Tools are designed and manufactured in house. Also mould validation and volume production can be done in-house. Mould inserts are typically produced by diamond machining, micro milling an polishing.  A roughness of 30nm Ra can be achieved by micro milling and 5nm Ra by polishing.

Injection Moulding

For the replication of freeform optics two in-house moulding methods can be used:

  • Injection compression moulding
  • (Vario Thermal) straight injection moulding

Depending on your product, we will select the favourable method for you.

Axxicon is expert in thin walled parts


For measurement of the mould insert and/or replica’s we use either an 3D confocal Laser Microscope, surface profiler or a CMM using a probe and freeform software.


Vision optics

Speres and Aspheres

Adjustable spectacles

Head up display optics