Difractive Optical Elements


For structures depths <10 µm we use various lithography technologies to create the master.  Electronic data is converted into physical structures. Using your own master in our process is possible.

Electro plating

With an electroplating process, an exact galvanic copy is made from the master. These galvanic copies, named stampers, are the mould inserts. Depending on the mastering process, multiple stampers can be made from the master. This allows us to supply you many identical products over time.

Tool Making

Axxicon is specialist in designing and making of tools to hold electroplated mould inserts. Double sided electroplated mould inserts in combination with injection compression functionality is possible.

Injection Moulding

For the replication of DOE’s two in-house moulding methods can be used:

  • Injection compression moulding
  • (Vario Thermal) straight injection moulding

Depending on your product, we will select the favourable method for you.

Substrates with micro/nano structures on both sides of a substrate are possible.

Learn more in our White Paper about Injection Compression Moulding


For measurement of the master and/or replica’s we use either an Atomic Force Microscope or a 3D confocal Laser Microscope.




  • Head up display optics
  • Augmented reality
  • Holograms anti-piracy
  • Gratings
  • Automotive illumination
  • High temp materials (lead free soldering electronics)