Polymer Injection Moulding

Shaping your Ideas

The need for high precision injection moulded components is being driven by increasing needs of industries that require miniaturisation.
With a history of more than 70 years in injection moulding and tool making Axxicon is an experienced partner in that field.

Axxicon has capabilities for micro and standard injection moulding with a special emphasis microfluidic and micro optics consumables.

We have the technical capabilities of injection compression moulding, vario thermal moulding, vacuum cavities and multiple cavity valve gate hotrunner moulding. This enables us to mould structures in highest precision and repeatability.

Automated handling systems support smooth processes.
Our machines range from 30T (300KN) to 120T (1200KN) with automation for part removal.

Axxicon works with various polymers such as PC, PMMA, PS, COC, COP, PP, Ultem and more. our engineers can support you in making the material choice for your product and application.

Drastically speed up your engineering process with a bonded injection moulded microfluidic sample: Request your sample now

Quality assurance is done for example with optical and tactile methods.
Axxicon also uses a 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope. This microscope can perform measurements on nanometer resolution by combining laser and confocal microscopy.