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Over 75 years of experience

1950 – 1990’s

The original Axxicon workshop for precision tooling opened in 1947 in Helmond, the Netherlands. Engineering and production of high end injection moulding moulds and precision parts and systems for a variety of markets

1980’s – 2000’s

Besides making custom moulds in 1981 the first CD moulds were made for Philips. With is high accuracy machining and polishing competences became specialist in this marked. A division Information Carrier Technology (ICT) was created. This division moved to Eindhoven in 1996 to Ekkersrijt 7501 which still is the current adres. In those years Axxicon was market leader toolmaker in the optical media industry developing and manufacturing high performance moulds and injection compression moulding processen.  Over 10.000 moulds were sold wherewith we enabled over 50% of the worldwide disc production. Axxicon outperformed competitors with 100% of interchangeability of moulds parts, fast cycle times (2,0 sec for DVD!) and tool durability of 15 million shot before major maintenance. Being able to machine mould parts in series with micrometer tolerances, having conformal cooled parts with innovative heat and surface treatments made that possible. 

We here became a specialist in injection compression tools and moulding processes for the replication of micro structures in thin walled products!

Axxicon has been setting the pace since 1989 when the first AIM™ (Axxicon ISO Manufactured) Quick Change Mould System was introduced. Up to that point, the polymer industry faced a challenge: material information was not comparable. Axxicon offered the solution developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO): a quick change mould system for moulding test specimens of thermoplastic materials, enabling material data to be compared worldwide! 

Product group AIM Quick Change System was moved to Axxicon Eindhoven in 2007  as specialist in OEM serial producing of injection moulding moulds. The optical media business was rapidly declining.

2010’s – 2020’s 

Since the decline of the optical media business, Axxicon had a strong focus on the AIM business. Sales Partners were attracted worldwide and the product portfolio was increased growing this business. In 2010 Axxicon entered the microfluidics market and in 2014 the micro optics market. In those markets we serve customers from idea to volume production.

Today’s focus

Axxicon is not a typical toolmaker, machining or injection moulding company; We focus on being a specialist in polymer microfluidics, optics, moulds for test specimen and the manufacturing competences needed for this; Micro milling, grinding, lapping and polishing are used to create ultra precison machined parts. In July 2022 Axxicon made a re-start as part of the PM Group.

The company slogan “Shaping Your Ideas” still remains. It supports the brand message and our promise to customers to help them from idea to volume manufacturing.

Over 35 years of AIM

In the 1989 Axxicon introduced the AIMTM Quick Change System, During the 35 years this has become the industry standard with over 2.500 mould bases, 12.000 inserts and mirror plates delivered worldwide. All of this developed and produced in Eindhoven, The Netherlands