SWITCH™ Rapid Release Mould System for Just-In-Time Production of High Precision Components

System Concept

The SWITCHTM Rapid Release Mould System (RRMS) consists of a standard mould base in different versions with exchangeable inserts of the production of small series of many different, highly accurate parts. This system enables you to achieve Just-In-Time delivery at reduced costs. The system also gives you the freedom to make different inserts configurations to meet the requirements of specific products, such as mechanically commanded slides, multi-cavity and two stage injection.

Freedom and Flexibility at Low Costs

The RRMS gives engineers complete design freedom. And total flexibility in polymer choice. The exchangeable inserts can be delivered either as a complete production tool, including the specific product-forming parts, or as blank inserts to machined by the customer.

The 4-Plates System enables you

– to choose any gating position,

– to work single or multi-point gating,

– to stimulate Hot Tip gating,

– to separate the sprue form the part automatically.

The Rapid Release Mould System is used for: 

– production of small precision which have to be injected at a number of gates via the 4-plates system

– production of small precision parts which have to be injected via normal cold sprue, runner and tunnel gate

– just-in-time delivery of medium volumes

– prototyping and pre-production mouldings

– gears, pulleys, and other precision components for copier/printer, medical and automotive applications

The added value of the Rapid Release Mould System

The Axxicon RRMS has been widely adopted in the market thanks to the system design which meets the most severe requirements. Hundreds of successfully installed inserts stand as clear testimony of the added value the system offers processors and OEM’s.

System Benefits

– freedom to choose the gating system, either with Hot Tip simulation by fully patented 4-plates system or with a cold sprue, runner and tunnel gate

– possibility to process all thermoplastics, including glass fiber-filled engineering plastics and PEEK

change-over of inserts, carried out by the machine operator at the front of the machine in only 1 minute

– self-connecting tempering for fast changing of the inserts

– 20% lower tooling costs thanks to standardization,

– typical lead time: 4 to 6 weeks,

– delivery of mould bases and packages of blank inserts directly from the Netherlands,

– self-centering and optimized cooling of the inserts allow production of parts within DIN 7, ISO 8, and AGMA 8 tolerances