Axxicon provides the moulding AIM™ tool solution to prepare test specimen, which are needed in order to determine the mechanical properties of polymers, plastics and composite compounds. We have a broad knowlegde about the various test such as hardness, tensile strength, impact strength, dimensional stability, flame resistance plus more. We are familiar will all sort of test specimen like charpy, izod, tensile strenght and more.

The material characteristics of polymer and plastic materials are of high importance for the injection moulding industries, as small deviations in preferred specifications can impact processability, behaviour during life-time, degradation, material characteristics, optical appearance and other important material properties.

Axxicon serves customers from all over the world with AIM™.  We count to our clientele; all famous brand car makers, the largest 1-tier automotive suppliers, the most well-known toy manufacturers and pharma companies and the largest Swiss precision watch manufacturer.

Axxicon’s Moulding Applications

At Axxicon’s Moulding Technology Centre, we offer polymer injection moulding services.

We have multiple polymer injection moulding machines with various moulds to process on small to medium volume of plastic parts for the purpose of prototyping and test specimens which can be used for quality control and verification of material specifications. For a complete overview see the equipment list.