The modular AIM™ Quick Change Mould is comprised of a mould base, a mirror plate and a product-forming insert.

Our AIM™ inserts comply with the latest internationally accepted ISO standards, which are also used by Campus®, the plastic database.

Being that many customers still require tests in accordance with BS, JIS, SAC, ASTM standard specifications or customer specific requests, we can accommodate them as well.

Mouldbases, mirror plates and standard ISO inserts are delivered “off the shelf”. Inserts for other standards like ASTM standard specification or customer specific inserts, are delivered within a matter of weeks.

Once the AIM™ Quick Change Mould is mounted, you can produce any number of different specimen types, simply by changing the insert.

This straightforward operation is completed in just a few seconds.

Types of specimen tests:

– Tensile test
– Izod and Charpy impact test
– Hardness test
– Vicat test
– Flammability test
– Shrinkage test
– Gloss/colour matching test