Physical and mechanical testing of polymers ensure polymeric materials meet application performance requirements.

The physical and mechanical testing of polymers is a vital part of the product development and production process. Mechanical, thermal, optical, rheological behaviour and climate testing allow the developers to understand their product better, and introduce stronger quality control.  Therefore we offer our AIMtm tool solution, which gives the possibility to prepare the required test specimen in a most efficient way.
These test specimens are needed for the physical and mechanical testing of polymers to ensure that the material complies with industry specifications. This applies to the aerospace, automotive, consumer, medical and defence industries, amongst others. With the vast array of polymer material types and additives available, understanding the capabilities and limitations of a material is a key concern to suppliers, manufacturers and product developers on every level of the polymer industry.

Even when it comes to non-standard methods we offer our specialist insight, knowledge and experience to manufacture a dedicated tool that is cabable to mould a customer specific test specimen

As a specialist in toolmaking and over 3 decades of experience with tools dedicated for material testing,  the variety in made test specimen tools by Axxicon for physical and mechanical testing are infinite and includes ASTM, ISO, BS and DIN standards.

AIM™ standard polymer physical and mechanical test specimen tools are used for following testing methods: 

Mechanical testing: tensile, flexural, shear and compressive properties

Physical testing: density, hardness and scratch resistance

Thermal testing: including DSC, DMTA,TMA, TGA, HDT  and Vicat Softening Points

Rheological testing: including capillary, rotational, Melt Flow Rate/Index and DSV

Barrier: including WVTR, OTR and various gases

Weathering and Chemical Resistance testing: including UV, temperature, humidity, repeated sterilization and environmental impact

Adhesion property testing

Flammability testing to industry standards: including automotive, aerospace and building specifications

Optical testing: color, haze and gloss

Electrical testing

Why choose Axxicon’s AIM™ physical and mechanical test specimen tools? 
Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in the polymer industries, providing high quality and accurate test specimen tool solutions. With Axxicon as your toolmaker, the combination of our experience and world-wide reputation will provide an excelent tool that works fine on your injection mould machine to help you making the nessecary test specimens in an efficient and accurate way. It’s the point, where it begins, having the correct  test specimen to start testing to see if it meets the product performance specifications for all types of polymer materials and applications.  Contact our experts today to find out more about how we can help you.

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