The AIMtm tool makes an essential contribution in determining the possibilities of and in the selection of a specific type of polymer and plastic.

The AIMtm tool supports in polymer and plastic mechanical and physical testing, in development, innovation, processing and performance of polymer materials, compounds and components

Automotive polymer materials and plastics are essential in the design and manufacture of automotive components. From headlights, sensors, leather textured dashboards, and soft light weight interior components help to realize in better safety and fuel efficiency and allows engineers to create innovative designs that are durable and strong, yet attractive.

Automotive polymers and plastics must meet performance specifications for the intended use and specifications set by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). All stakeholders in the automotive polymers supply chain require robust testing conducted under recognized quality standards in order to meet the OEM’s quality standards whilst ensuring that supplies of polymer materials and components are of consistently high-quality.

The AIMtm tool gives the possibility to injection mould test specimen in any type and sort, which is needed for plastics testing like functionality -, perceptivity – , weathering- , chemical resistance testing etcetera.  All in order to resolve and prevent failures through identifying root causes of degradation, malfunction, damage, ageing, misuse, stress and processing issues.

To support the development of automotive polymer processing, our AIMtm tool is  indispensable in the process of injection moulding, it helps to troubleshoot processing issues, select materials and support product innovation – particularly where new materials are being investigated.

Our assortment contains a broad range of inserts which comply to ISO, DIN and ASTM standards and automotive manufacturers’ standards. Further we offer the possibility to supply customized inserts.

With a focus on superb quality and high accuracy, we provide you with our AIMtm tool the possibility to injection mould Automotive plastic and polymer automotive components, lacquer plates and test bars in the most efficient way.

Over decades, the AIMtm tool is used by OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, compounders, materials producers, additive manufacturers and recycling companies. Please feel free to get in contact and ask for references.

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