AIM™ and Overmoulding / Insert Moulding

AIM™ and Overmoulding / hybrid moulding Inserts

Overmoulding (also known  as hybrid – or insert moulding) is a plastic injection moulding process in which one thermoplastic material is moulded over another material to form one part. With special designed AIMTM Quick Change Overmoulding Inserts, it’s possible to injection mould one plastic material over another plastic/rubber part or composite. The two materials are bonded together during the plastic overmoulding process to form parts and components for physical plastic testing or for judging the visual and ergonomic appeal aspects.

Plastic overmoulding technology is employed for a wide range of aesthetic and functional purposes in many industries and applications, such as and Automotive products and components.

A wide range of thermoplastic materials can be overmoulded, including composites, soft plastics such as urethanes and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and hard plastics such as nylon and polycarbonate.

Overmoulding is also used to strengthen, protect and improve a part or end product, while reducing cost, labor and materials.

Overmoulding offers numerous advantages, including:

– Moulded as one assembly

– Eliminates bonding step in the manufacturing process

– Improved component reliability

– Improved part strength and structure

– Enhanced design flexibility and multi-material components

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