AIM™ and Injection Compression

Injection Compression moulding (ICM) is used for various applications, for instance very thin-walled products, for optical, well as for moulded parts with a finely textured surface.

ICM provides positive technical or economical benefits. ICM improves surface appearance, reduces fibre degradation during injection and reduces the susceptibility of the moulded part to warping. In addition it improves mechanical properties, reduces mould wear, and generally shortens cycle time. With thin-walled products, ICM tends to further reduce the necessary injection pressure and minimal wall thicknesses and, consequently, to further increase the possible flow-distance/ wall-thickness ratios. ICM improves venting of the mould and, in the case of inmould labelling (IML), reduces the stressing of labels and inserts. Overlapping of clamping and injection movements is apt to further reduce cycle time in the case of fast-cycling injection moulding. With optical moulded parts: Faster injection into the open mould, the possibility of overpacking – in order to control shrinkage right from the start – as well as the very uniform and long-action holding pressure in injection compression moulding combine to reduce internal stresses in the moulded part, and improve its optical properties and light defraction. For finely textured surfaces: ICM moulding ensures exact and uniform duplication of micro textures on the moulded part surface – especially at the end of the flow path. It facilitates combining different textures and improves the degree of reproduction.

AIM™ Quick Change Inserts with Injection Compression to prepare samples for micro optics and /or microfluidic testing

– ICM plaque available in various dimensions up to max. 80x80mm

– Various resins can be used in one AIM Quick Change insert COC, PC, PMMA, PS and more

– No polishing marks visible Ra < 5nm, similar to high precision optics

– Microfluidic samples can have through holes & cups, for fluidic distribution

– Multiple microfluidic features in one exchangeable Nickel shim