Flow Alliance Microfluidics

House of Microfluidics

Axxicon is proud member of the Flow Alliance.

An alliance brings out the best in all partners involved. The Flow Alliance is driven by three expert companies: Micronit, Axxicon and Helvoet. We cover the full flow of polymer microfluidic consumables, from idea to high volume manufacturing.

Flow Alliance unites 3 strong microfluidic experts into one partner for your challenge, combining:

  • One Point of Contact
  • One Quality Standard
  • One Shared Goal

Full Microfluidics toolbox!

Together we can offer an broad spectrum of capabilities, for example:

For the manipulation of liquids the surface properties play an important role. Hydrophobicity and contact angle are often essential for the working device and can be influenced by the material of the device as well as by treating the surfaces.

Combining a microfluidic chip with a sensor or integrating sensor structures into a chip expands the range of possibilities of a product. Talk with us to see what the options are to measure and detect on chip.

Sometimes it is neccessary to have certain reagents stored within the microfluidic chip or cartridge. There are several options to do so. As well as options to make these reagents available when the chip is used.

Most devices with microfluidic structures have to be bonded to a lid or an additional device. There are several ways of doing so, depending on the design and funcion of the chip. Talk to us to learn more about bonding options.

A microfluidic / diagnostic device soemtimes consists of several parts. Assembly can be performed manually in low volumes or in an automated fashion for high volume production. We have the know-how and capabilities to do that. Check with us to learn more.

When a microfluidic product is developed it usually goes into production. We can halp with a smooth transition from low volumes to automated high volume production.

There are many options to make sure your product is packaged keeping function and use in mind. Within our Alliance we have a strong experience to realize the perfect solution for your product.

Within our alliance we can produce within ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certifications. Quality Control and Assurance is taken seriously and is priority on how we work.