Core Competences

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Axxicon is an independent business with over 40 years of highly specialized experience in the design and manufacturing of injection molding tools for optical micro structured products and test specimen.
Serving a global client base on the cutting edge of high-tech industries, our products are an integral part of the market’s constant push to develop the most innovative solutions.

We are proud of our continued success in attaining our position as a trusted partner of medical point of care microfluidic consumables, micro structured polymer optics as; diffractive optical elements, diffractive lenses, micro lens arrays and diffusors and moulds for test specimen requirements of the polymer industry.
We are good at solving complex technical problems. We apply our toolmaking and injection molding experience and the latest manufacturing know-how to our clients’ specific industry challenges.

Manufacturing Competences

Axxicon is a one-stop-shop for precision injection moulded parts. We have a vertically integrated way of working with a strong focus at the engineering stage on manufacturability, testing and costs. Having our own production plant gives us full control of manufacturing processes which ultimately improves the overall product quality.





Mechanical Machining   

Mould parts are being manufactured in-house. In our machine park, the most state-of-the art equipped is available for:
• 5, 4 & 3-axis milling
• Turning
• Grinding
• Lapping and polishing
• CMM measurements
Many machines are programmed via our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system. This reduces the amount of manual labor and increases the reuse of proven strategies, parameters and tooling. Manufacturing is done in an environmentally controlled production area to ensure the highest tolerances can be achieved.
Quality control to ensure quality on those high tolerance parts is f.e. done with Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM) or Confocal Laser Microscope
The combination of in-house product development, tooling development, machine programming and manufacturing allows us to create an optimum balance between all these aspects resulting in the highest quality, shortest lead times and most cost-efficient solutions









Injection Moulding  

An overview of our injection molding capabilities for your prototyping to high volume needs:

• Range of machines from 30 tons till 150 tons able of producing products from 3 grams up to 150 grams
• Full electrical injection molding machines high precision injection molding
• Cleanroom ISO 7 injection moulding
• Injection Compression and Vario Thermal injection moulding for thin walled / micro structured products
• Optical grade materials as COC, COP, PS, PS, PMMA
• Axxicon’s modular tooling concept allows small batches with great precision.










Manufacturing Expertise

Besides having the best manufacturing processes and facilities, we do a lot more to ensure a successful product. We take a customer-oriented approach, offering a transparent way of working, strong supply chain management, supported by our engineering and quality control.

Axxicon facilities can accommodate production at various levels of magnitude: from prototyping or sampling batches to moderate or high-volume production.



AIMTM Catalogue and custom made products

For our product group AIM we offer a range of catalogue mould bases and inserts and custom made ones. The AIMTM systems can be configured to customer needs using a product configurator integrated in our ERP system; standardized “building blocks” can be configured in such way that there is a perfect match with the customer needs. In addition, our standard inventory includes standard mould bases and inserts to ensure short lead-times. Besides catalogue products the mould bases and inserts can be customer made. We take a customer-oriented approach with a transparent way of working to make sure to meet unique customer specifications.