Axxicon is your expert partner for the development of your injection moulding tool or your high precision polymer parts. With more than 70 years of experience in high precision metal manufacturing and the replication of polymer parts with tightest tolerances we can assist from the early development stages of your project until volume manufacturing and beyond.

Request your injection moulded microfluidic sample and let us co-develop your next consumable


  • The beginning

    Your idea

    Axxicon’s engineers are keen on thinking with you how to transfer your idea into a product. Checking feasibility and discussing materials, functionalities, specifications.

  • The design

    DFM phase

    Our experts are specialized in adapting your design for optimal manufacturability. We keep you ultimate goal in mind every step on the way – let it be tooling only, prototyping or manufacturing millions of polymer parts.

    The design

  • Prototyping

    The first tooling and first polymer parts

    We will make the tooling after your specifications. First polymer parts will be produced. It is possible to iterate and test out different designs. This can happen by adapting the tooling or working with exchangeable inserts.

  • The process

    Process development

    The process will be tailored to your product and requirements to achieve a high quality product with every batch that is produced.

    The process

  • Scaling up

    Volume production

    We make sure that the transition from low to high volumes is smooth. Quality management and control is a very important requirement for that.

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