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Axxicon AIMTM global sales partners

Local technical support is available to help you in making the right purchasing choice for AIMTM Quick Exchange moulds / parts, or to answer any question regarding them. Whatever your region in the world, please don’t hesitate to contact a local sales partner near you.

Elastocon is a Swedish company founded in 1987, which develops, manufactures and sells test equipment for rubber and plastic materials. In the Nordic market, Elastocon also represents several well-known manufacturers of test equipment for plastic, rubber, metal, textile, paint etc. In addition, the company also offers calibration and testing services. 

Karg Industrietechnik – Competence in material testing. 

We understand ourselves as a competent supplier of products and services within the range of the material testing, not only for the plastic processing industry.

As service oriented company we offer beyond that user trainings, maintenance and calibration of testing instruments.

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us, because they expect a matured, the current technological conditions appropriate product, a high-quality equipment, quick support and professional service.

With more than 50 years of experience Izasa Scientific has become the main provider of global solutions for our clients in Spain and Portugal in the areas of Analytics, Life Sciences, Optical Microscopy, Electron Microscopy and Nanotechnology, Environment and Industrial Quality Control. We are offering solutions not only instrumental but also applications and after-sales service. Izasa Scientific is a Werfen company. The continuous development and investment to be close to our customers has led us to have a wide geographic coverage with headquarters in the main cities of Spain and Portugal.

Engelmann & Buckham source high quality packaging, printing, processing, converting and plastics testing machinery for customers in the UK and Ireland. We represent a range of respected manufacturers to supply, off the shelf, machinery, as well as, creating bespoke machinery solutions. Engelmann & Buckham strive for the highest standards in the delivery of machinery sales, technical and after-sales support. We have over 65 years of experience across the printing, packaging, processing, converting industries, as well as, the plastics and rubber testing industries. We work with you to create packaging and printing solutions that will improve your business.

The KCEN Trade and Representations SA was created with the goal of being the No 1 supplier of quality equipment, reliability and accuracy for the plastics segment and rubber, not only for the industry but also to universities, research centers, Institutes, laboratories for the provision of services, etc. for both Quality Control and Research and Development. We aim to offer the best technical solution to the needs presented by the user.

Tinius Olsen is the leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines. Tinius Olsen machines are designed for use in many industries including research and quality control to measure material’s strength and performance.

Using Tinius Olsen equipment it is possible to perform tests on raw materials and finished products to international standards including ASTM, ISO, and EN

We represent various overseas companies of repute who manufacture testing instruments for quality control, research & development, process etc., which find applications in the fields of Polymers / Plastics, Paint/Coating, Textiles, Packaging, Rubber/Tyre, Energetic Materials etc.

The core team comprises of individuals with almost three decades of exposure and experience in the relevant fields. Each one of them has in different positions been involved in providing Technical & Service support to the customers.

Venture has highly skilled and motivated Sales & Service team located at all major cities across India to respond to customer needs within a short time. Customer satisfaction being the ultimate goal, the team ensures close contact with customers to get the right feedback and have an in-depth analysis of customer needs to provide pragmatic solutions.

Beijing Novostar Technology Co., Ltd (NOVOSTAR) is a professional sales and service company in the field of plastic processing application. We focus on application of the laboratory and testing center. The team has been providing professional services than 15 years.

NOVOSTAR has mastered the related industry standard, like ISO, ASTM, GB and other related standards requirements. We have provided the specialized laboratory plastic processing solution for the chemical enterprise. We provide users with professional advice on laboratory establishment and provides professional services to customer.

NOVOSTAR insists on continuous technological innovation to create value for customers, adheres to the corporate culture of ” FaithfulnessProfessionalismQuality”.

Saga Instruments deals with laboratory testing equipment for the polymer, rubber, automotive and textile industries by providing sales, technical support and calibration services to our customers. Together with various partners in Japan, USA, The Netherlands and Germany, we believe in providing quality test equipment that help our customers achieve high precision and accuracy in their tests while minimizing errors that will hinder their product designs and decision making.

At JASCO International we aim to address the ever-changing analytical needs of our customers worldwide, by providing the very highest standards in analytical instrumentation. JASCO International aims to meet the highest standards of accuracy, precision, sensitivity and reproducibility: the cornerstones of scientific instrumentation. Our expertise covers both spectroscopy and chromatography. In this way we aim to contribute greatly to fields as diverse as materials science and biochemistry, from frontier research through to quality control.

JASCO International products and services cover the complete analytical spectrum. The life sciences, including proteomics and biochemistry, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, semiconductor manufacturing and environmental protection are all covered by our extensive range.

MARE Endustriyel Cihazlar plastik test cihazlar konusunda gelişen teknolojiyi ve oluşan tecrübelerini takip ederek çözüm ortağınız olmaya devam etmektedir. Plastik hammadde, kompozit ve bitmiş ürünlerin reolojik, darbe dayanımı gibi temel özellikleri , yeni geliştirilen karışımların laboratuvar ölçekli üretimi ,ürün grubumuzda yer alan cihazlar ile yapılabilmektedir.

Ant Spirits was founded in year 2014 with a specialization in industrial machineries, equipment supplies and supporting services. Accumulated from our previous organizations, we have more than 15 years of experience in the plastics and composites industrial.

We are big believer in sustainability. We believe the key to a sustainable organization are efficiency and effective Teamworks. Therefore, we work closely with our suppliers and customers from the onset of design through to final stage of manufacturing, with a cost efficient professional result.

Whether the project planning of new machines, the supply of equipment and spare parts or support services – we are at your disposal.

Naizak Lab Systems a division of Naizak, was established in 2006 in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. Through its network of regional offices in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, NLS is providing services to Educational institutes, Research & Development centers, Oil & Gas industry, Government laboratories, Municipalities & Ministries, Food safety & Environmental laboratories, local manufacturing industries and other private sectors.

Naizak Lab systems are the leading Suppliers of a complete & comprehensive range of Laboratory & Scientific Instrumentation for QC & Research