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At Axxicon we understand that even the best class tooling parts may encounter wear and tear over time. That’s why we’ve established a dedicated team who are specialized in repairing and refurbishing Axxicon tools and injection moulds. From minor repairs to comprehensive refurbishments, we ensure that your products regain their peak performance.

As a mold wears – gates and runners wear out, cooling channels get clogged, there is excessive flash on the parts when they come out of the press and product quality is uncertain.

Timely refurbishment will reduce degradation of the mouldbases, mirrors and inserts and keep yield and up-time high. Axxicon’s Repair Services lets you benefit from extended life time of your critical AIM™ mould products.

With a refurbishement, all inserts and mirror plates are brought back to it’s original performance specifications. After refurbishment, all inserts and mirror plates are fully function- and performance tested on an injection moulding machine at Axxicon before shipment.


If you are interested in preventive maintenance for your Axxicon equipment, we are just one phone call away: +31-499 494 450

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