AIM™ Quick Change Mold accessories for preparation samples for physical plastic testing:

Preheating system for AIM™ Quick Change inserts

convenient and safe storage up to 4 insertsPreheating system for AIM inserts copy
– basic frame made of aluminium
– storage up to 4 inserts
– no damage of quick couplings because of distance pieces mounted on the bottom of the frame
– preheating will be done by an external system (not part of the offer)
– double wall front and back side, input at the front side
– output at the back side (front and back side are connected)
– basic frame is covered with an isolated stainless steel sheet housing
– the bottom of the frame includes a hose coupling

Gate-cutting punch

Gate-cutting punch
– For separating soft to (semi)-hard injection moulded specimens from gate/runner.
– Available as manual (lever arm operated) or pneumatic version.
– Supplied including absorber plate (easy specimen positioning) and cutting knife.

Manual notching machine

This linear notching machine is designed for preparing, rapidly and accurately,
notched specimens for impact resilience determinations according to Izod, Charpy and tensile impact methods.
This machine uses interchangeable knives designed with a “constant profile”
for notching specimens with the correct angle and depth as prescribed by the specifications.Manual notching machine
The machine is fitted with two separate motion systems; one to move the specimens and the other to move the knife.
Notching speed: up to approx. 2.5 m/min. manually controlled
Specimen feed: manually controlled
Gauge resolution: 0.01 mm
Clamping height: up to max. 30 mm

Motorized Notching Machine

Similar to manual notching machine, but this machine is fitted with two separate motion systems;
one motorized driven system to move the knife system and the other one (manually driven) to move the specimen loader. Motorized notching machine
Notching speed: step less by frequency controller with range:
19 m/min. up to 38 m/min.
Specimen feed: manually controlled
Gauge resolution: 0.01 mm
Clamping height: up to max. 30 mm


Automatic Specimen Notching Machine Type AKM
Fully automatic, microprocessor controlled,
notching machine for notching plastic specimens according to international standards:
ISO 179, ISO 180, ASTM D 256, ASTM D 6110 and other similar
Notching: Notching speed x-axis (feed): max. approx. 500 mm/sec.
Step adjustment z-axis (specimen loader) with 2 variables possible:Automatic Specimen Notching Machine
Rough machining: 0.05 – 0.3 mm
Smooth machining: 0.01 – 0.1 mm
Return movement (z-axis): variable
Setup return strokes: variable
Notching stroke (x-axis) adjustable: 200 mm
Setup remaining notching depth bN: min. 6 mm with standard specimen loader (optional customizable depending upon the used specimen loader)Automatic Specimen Notching Machine1
Sawing device for automatically slicing the ends of standard specimens, i.e. ISO multi-purpose specimen:
Sawing rotations (variable): 1000 – 2000 Upm
Sawing speed x-axis (sawing feed): variable
Step adjustment z-axis (specimen loader) / multiple cutting: variable
Return movement (z-axis): variable