Dedicated to Quality, Committed to your Requirements

To make sure our customers receive the right products, on time and with the desired quality, Axxicon works with flexible, skilled and experienced colleagues. We make sure that everyone is involved, communication is smooth, and processes in control.

When selling parts with micro and nanometre accuracy, being able to measure with absolute accuracy is of great importance. Axxicon has advanced, calibrated and certified measurement equipment and Aukom certified colleagues in house.

As our products are used world wide in high tech and medical environments it is especially important to deliver high quality, functional products with tightest tolerances.

Quality comes first at Axxicon

Axxicon makes sure to keep every relevant step and part within the chain traceable and in control. We’re continuously trying to improve processes with regards to quality and safety. Risk management is a high priority within our quality management.

Our partners and suppliers are carefully selected, have proven to be reliable and deliver the quality that aligns with our own approach.

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