Axxicon produces high-tech precision injection moulds and is the world leader in standardised Mould systems for the production of optical discs for data storage. Our mould program consist of moulds in all optical disc formats. From the first formatted CD to the most current, which is Blu-Ray, Axxicon offers a cutting edge solution. Axxicon is well-known for its technical innovations, like the unique mould guiding system. The unique mould guiding system is an outstanding feature in our current mould solutions. Unique also is the fact that Axxicon designs the mould customised to fit on all major moulding machines.

Axxicon also produces high-tech injection moulds for the polymer industry. We developed and manufactured the AIM™ Test Mould System. This quick-change test mould system, according to the international accepted ISO standards, is used for manufacturing samples for specimens tests for quality assurance, quality control and R&D. The AIM™ Test Mould System is being supplied worldwide to raw material producers, test institutes, compounders and injection moulders.

Axxicon is your partner in producing ultra-precision parts and systems by turning, grinding, lapping, polishing and assembly in a climate controlled production facility.

Last but not least, Axxicon has extensive knowledge and experience in micro moulding, which enables us to manufacture Lab on a chip / Lab on a disc consumables in cooperation with life sciences- and diagnostics companies.

As your production partner we stand by you from freezing the product specifications all the way to mass production of plastic microfluidic consumables.