Yasda YMC 430, 3-axis micro milling machine with micron accuracy

Axxicon has been mould making and injection moulding for the Medical, Automotive and Optical Disc areas for 30 years, and in each case has satisfied the high quality requirements of the industry.
For the Microfluidics and Polymer Micro Optics, Axxicon offers mould engineering, process development and injection-molding of small plastic parts where high precision and extremely high quality are required. A common trait of all processes is the basic principle of efficient, low-resource production technology.
Axxicon gears its processes to the sophisticated characteristics and functionality expected in these market segments and therefore to the quality of the products and the production and processing methods required. For an impression see the video about Axxicon and their Yasda YMC 430, a 3-axe micro milling machine with micron accuracy
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New representative in FRANCE for Axxicon AIM™

Axxicon is delighted to announce, as per November 1st 2017 the company APSys SAS from France is the representative for Axxicon AIM™ Mould System in FRANCE.

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Axxicon news letter 01-11-2017 (APSys)

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Micronit, Axxicon and Helvoet form polymer microfluidics powerhouse

As of October 2017 Micronit, Axxicon and Helvoet are collaborating in offering a market leading development and
manufacturing package to support the growing global demand for high volume polymer microfluidic products.

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Press release polymer microfluidic collaboration English nov17

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